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Multi Touch Laptop - Another Pioneer from Microsoft
By Hardwaremarketplace Article on November 26, 2008 1:14 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)
This is the world of technological upshots and nobody wants to lag behind. Living up to its sobriquet of being the most advanced in IT technology, Microsoft has yet again reigned the markets with its multi touch laptop. With an aim to make a laptop with a ten finger sensitive touch screen and hence, incorporating the multi touch implementation called thin light, this computer screen acts as a two handed touch interface.

Along with replacing the boring tic tic of the mouse, this laptop has extra layer of infrared sensors on the back. Along with the touch screen, a crude infrared camera too has been developed by the Microsoft researches in UK. Besides, being sensitive to a finger's touch, this screen is also capable of recognising a particular hand gesture as well as objects placed within a centimeter of its surface.

This laptop is catagorized as a low resolution scanner and camera. The screen is claimed to communicate with other devices while using the same infrared technology as used in seeing. Also known as the surface tabletop multi touch computer, this infrared technology can also be manipulated with a simple remote control, when pointed at the display.

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